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Meet the Owners

Hi, we're Luke and Megan Thigpen, owners of Nutrition Connection.  Thank you for taking a moment to read our story.  

We came to be residents of Celina, TX, and have fallen in love with this community.  It truly is a place that does "Life Connected."  We have always wanted to own our own business but wanted to make sure that it was a product that we believed in and used in our own lives.

Since we started using our products our mental and physical health has improved dramatically, so we knew that this was a business we could fully invest in.  We are excited to offer you some of the best nutritional products on the market today.  Not only are we here for your daily boost of energy, but also to help you meet your long-term health goals.  Stop in and let's chat about how we can help you achieve your daily and long-term wellness goals.


Luke and Megan Thigpen

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Our Mission

Situated in the heart of Celina, nutrition connection is here to be your go-to spot for freshly made teas, shakes, and smoothies along with a full array of nutritional products. We believe that treating your body right is what makes you shine from the inside out. This is why we always strive to prepare your order as fast as we can—so you won’t be missing out on even one minute of that natural glow.

You know that something good is coming when Nutrition Connection is blending your favorites. Check out our site to learn more about our vision and products.

Our Story: About
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